MFWI Extension
2019 Students Speak

An, Miku, and Aika share about their favorite American holidays during the MFWI Extension program.

Nanako, Momo, and Honka talk about student exchanges during the MFWI Extension Program

Ririka, Nayu, and Mao talk about the MFWI Extension Southwest trip.

Nene and Haruka talk about the MFWI Extension Writing class.

Yuka, Yu, and Rio talk about the MFWI Extension Public Speaking class.

Konomi and Mayu talk about the MFWI Extension Conversation class.

Mio and Haruka talk about Extension homestay experiences.

Nami and Mika talk about Spokane nature and weather.

Arisa, Yuri and Haruna talk about TOEIC, French, and German classes.

Wako, Asuka, and Rieko share about Extension Student Life outings.

Sayaka and Mari share about Extension Reading class.