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The 16th Annual Discover Japan Lecture Series

presented by Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute Extension students
on topics of Japanese culture, history and society. This is a free event.

November 28 & 29, 2017 • 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute
Commons Banquet Hall
Spokane, WA 99224
Download printable poster.

Click on a presenter name below to read presentation abstract.

November 28

Japanese Traditional Festivals
Summer Festivals: A Magnificent Japanese Tradition
Momoka Yokota

Fantastic Matsuri
Honami Kondo

Attractive Japanese Holidays
Hirona Nonaka

Fascinating Japanese Architecture
The Amazing Tokyo Olympic Stadium
Noriko Kamimura

The Legendary Himeji Castle
Marin Chokyu

Magnificent Japanese Shrines and Temples
Asuka Yoshida

Traditional to Modern:
Interesting Novelty Items from Japan
Real or Not Real? ~Marvelous Food Models~
Natsume Hirao

The Unique and Surprising World of Japanese Stationery
Yuki Maruyama

VFascinating, Traditional Japanese Toys and Games
Mai Shimizu

November 29

Japanese Myths and Legends
Marvelous Japanese Folktales
Mayu Tokizane

An interesting Japanese Creation Mythical Story
Midori Kinoshita

Traditional Japanese Animal Gods
Chie Yamaguchi

Popular Cultural Attractions in Japan

Spectacular Cherry Blossoms Attraction: Yoshino-zan
Mai Momota

Historical Tea Room: Konnichi-an

Asuka Hanasaka

Relaxing Hot Springs: Kinosaki Onsen
Kaho Kishigami

Pop Culture for All: Idols and Video Games in Japan
Japanese Idols: Charming and Valuable
Akino Shirane

Japanese Video Games: New and Attractive
Ayaka Wada

Click on a presenter name to read her presentation abstract.

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