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Presents the 18th Annual

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by Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute Extension students
on topics of Japanese
culture, history and society.

November 19 & 20, 21, 2019
7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute
Commons Banquet Hall (
campus map)
Spokane, WA 99224

This is a free event. All are welcome!

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Click on "abstracts" next to group title below to view presentation abstracts.

November 19

The Latest Japanese Pop Culture
Hot Apps in Japan (Mayu Nakanishi)
J-pop - Evolving Music (An Shibata)
Japanese YouTubers - New Japanese Stars (Yuka Inoue)

The Edo Times (abstract)
Historical Background (Rio Kondo)
Amazing Life of Edo people (Wako Miura)
Glamorous Maiko (Haruka Toda)

Amazing Japanese Sports (abstract)
Wonderful Japanese Traditional Sports (Kotone Kagawa)
Unique School Sports (Mao Shinya)
Famous Japanese Athletes (Rieko Tominaga)

Traditional and Modern Japanese Family Life (abstract)
Delightful Family Activities (Miku Matsushita)
New Ways of Growing Up in Japan (Konomi Muraoka)
Absorbing History and Changes of Japanese Women in Family and Society (Yu Matsuba)

November 20

Super Education through School Life (abstract)
Unique School Events (Nanako Kondo)
School Lunches - Not Just for Eating - Sayaka Yamamoto)
Amazing School Clubs (Asuka Hayashi)
Awesome Japanese Cram Schools (Nami Sakata)

Classical Japan (abstract)
Magnificent Japanese Historical Buildings (Haruna Kosugi)
Attractive Fairy Tales (Ririka Takiguchi)
Mysterious Mythology (Mari Izumi)

Fantastic Festivals (abstract)
Exciting Summer Fireworks Festivals (Momo Kawane)
Magic Snow World in Sapporo (Mio Ikeda)
Annual Holiday Events for Good Luck (Nayu Sugimoto)

November 21

Japanese Fashion and Style (abstracts)
Symbolic Kimono (Yuki Sawamura)
Attractive Modern Fashion (Kairi Nakamura)
Brilliant Japanese Weddings (Yuri Osame)

Marvelous Japanese Food (abstracts)
Enjoyable Food for Each Season (Nene Imanishi)
Traditional Japanese Food Through the Ages (Aika Makino)
Fast and Easy Food for Your Life (Mika Yoshimura)

NIHONGO - Endlessly Changing Japanese Language (abstracts)
Fascinating Japanese Dialects (Arisa Ibaraki)
Unique Japanese Words (Honoka Hattori)
Historical Kanji (Haruka Shimizu)

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