September, October, November, December 2019

Observe classes at an American college!

You will improve your English even more by observing some advanced classes taught by American teachers at a local college. These classes have regular American students.
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Travel to the Southwest!

You will take a 6-day trip to New Mexico and Arizona! There you will learn about a different part of American history and culture, and you will visit the magnificent Grand Canyon! You will learn a lot but have more free time than on other trips.
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Experience Halloween, Thanksgiving and the Christmas season!

You can learn a lot about a culture from the holidays you experience! Dress up for Halloween! Eat turkey and pumpkin pie with an American family on Thanksgiving! Experience the joy of the Christmas season!
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Read real American literature! Participate in new and different classes!

Reading is a great way to learn vocabulary, grammar, and culture! You will read an important book that will improve your English a lot! This is not a graded reader, but a novel. It’s hard, but you can do it! You will study pronunciation skills to improve your English presentation and learn more about language in Linguistics class. You can challenge yourself to improve even more in Conversation and Writing!
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Give a presentation to an American audience!

You will teach an American audience about the beauty and uniqueness of Japanese culture. Can you imagine doing that? Your teachers will help you. This will develop your leadership skills and prepare you for a better career! You can do it!
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Travel to Portland, Oregon!

You will learn even more about US culture and history when you travel to the magnificent city of Portland in Oregon state. The Japanese-American memorial, a trip to Multnomah Falls, and browsing an incredible book store are some highlights of the trip!
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