Kotomi's Story

2010-12-07 Presentation 1 035
I participated in Extension program in 2010. I really wanted to study in the United States again because I really enjoyed the regular MFWI program, and I wanted to improve my English skill more.

During the Extension program, we had a lot of opportunities to meet American people, and practice our English. For example, we went to SFCC once a week, and we had a class with American students there. It was really stimulating to me, because I was interested in studying in an American university after the Extension program. I enjoyed all the classes I had during the semester at MFWI. I especially liked the Linguistics class and Conversation class. In linguistics class, we learned how a child learns language, sign languages, and about learning styles, and so on. In Conversation class, we had lots of opportunities to have discussions. Every time we discussed something, we were thinking about the topics deeply. And it was great to practice thinking things critically.

The biggest event of the Extension program was the presentations. We presented about Japanese culture in front of many American people, which was a great experience. It was also fun to work with my friends to make the presentation successful. The experience made me feel more confident.

I really enjoyed my days at MFWI, and I have so many memories there. I had a great time with girls in my group, my RA, my teachers, m host family, and people I met in Spokane. I can say that the experience of the Extension program is one of the happiest times I've ever had because I had so much fun with my friends, and I experienced so many new things that made me feel confident.

When I was little, I was a shy kid so I couldn't talk to new people. But now, I am studying at Saint Martin's University in Lacey, Washington. I'm taking two sociology classes, English, and Psychology. I am having a busy, but fun time here. I made lots of American friends. And I enjoy hanging out with them on weekends.

I believe that my experience at MFWI changed my life. So I recommend you guys to study in the United States as Extension students, and make your dream come true.