Mana's Story

Hello. My name is Mana Okabe- Warner. I'm a MFWI alumni who attended the Extension program.

The Extension program has helped me jump toward my dream. I would like to share my story of how the regular and the Extension program have helped me.

When I came to MFWI for the first time as a regular student, I desperately wanted to communicate with my teachers, RA, host family, and people whom I encountered. My English was so limited that I couldn't express what I wanted to tell. Studying here helped me improve my English and increase my confidence to speak English. I also became eager to keep studying English.

The MFWI Extension program was perfect and helped me keep my momentum to continue studying. Because I already knew most teachers from the regular program, I was comfortable visiting them during their office hours. We had more opportunities to meet people in the Spokane community. Most importantly everyone was highly motivated to improve their English and learn American culture which encouraged me to study hard. Teachers were very supportive and passionate to teach us English and American culture. I had a lot of fun with my friends, teachers, RAs, other MFWI staff, and many more people. Those memories I acquired during studying in Spokane are my treasures.

Currently I teach ballet for children and homeschool my own children in Spokane. I teach Japanese and English as a second language when I have opportunities. I'm now living my dream. I hope your dream would come true, too.

Best wishes,

Mana Okabe-Warner
Spokane, WA