Tomoyo's Story

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Don’t think that the Extension program is the same as the program you are in now. If you feel like doing more or want to be really challenged in a positive way, I definitely recommend that you join the Extension program. Moreover, people who want to study abroad should join it since it helps you achieve a more advantageous TOEFL score. I’m not a liar because I did it, and my friends did it as well!! We are very proud of joining Extension.

The big differences in study between Extension and the regular program are “FAST,” “DEEP,” and “FULL”!!! You will never be slow. You will study “REAL AMERICA,” not just reading or writing from papers. You will feel much more a sense of achievement than in the regular program. It does not matter how much you can speak English now, because when my Extension life began, there were differences in our skills levels, such as speaking or writing. By the end of the semester, almost all students were surprisingly at the same level because we stimulated each other. It really happened. The most important part is how hot your soul is for the Extension program. So don’t worry about it.

To be honest, it is easy to identify in a class at MWU which students had joined Extension. They are somehow brighter and actually lead the class. Because of them, the class is very active. Also, the MEC, which is a voluntary group in the English department, has a lot of Extension members. Only the Extension students are very eager to answer in English when I speak it on the trains or wherever we meet each other. They do not hesitate at all. So if you want to be like this, it’s a smart decision to join Extension. (Kanoko-san was an Extension student, too! Now she is a Teacher’s Assistant to a Japanese teacher at SFCC.)

I do love the Extension Soul!!!! You will become more assertive, more confident, better able to deal with challenges. You’ll become a stronger and more successful woman. Because of my experiences on Extension, I gained the confidence to study abroad alone in Hawaii, travel alone in South Korea, apply to be a graduate student in Hokkaido University (I’ve been accepted there), and more. Because of Extension, my major at the graduate school is anthropology about American Indians (Native Americans) since we had some opportunities to study them in America. It is necessary for this research to read numerous thick English books and speak English because I need to visit them and do research there.

I have to say that if you join the Extension program, it is hard to become a perfect English speaker like native speakers. But you do not have to become that fluent. What you need is to get the Extension soul which makes your life better. I understand money is a problem, but life is very short, and student life is even SHORTER. Your time at university will pass very quickly. I do agree with the idea since I hear it from my friends a lot. Believe me, if you want to do something, you should make it come true. If you are interested in the Extension program even a little, you should try it. I know you can make it. Join Extension and experience the REAL English learner course.


Good luck to you.