Yuri's Story

“The sky is the limit.” Can you understand this meaning? This means the limit is infinity. In other words, your possibility is infinity. Extension program is totally different from the regular program, and you will gain A LOT academically and emotionally. If you have even a little bit of desire to learn more and to challenge, I highly recommend you to join Extension program. I’m sure that something in you will definitely change.

Extension is much harder than regular program. Classes are more advanced and thoughtful. However, you don’t need any skillful knowledge. Everyone has a different skill, but we work together and make us stimulate each other all the time. It will definitely give you a lot of motivation to go on. Then the knowledge or confidence comes after that. The only thing you need is the courage to challenge to yourself. In Extension class, you can have a lot of opportunities to meet Americans and have conversation with them. Also, we visit many universities. Through these opportunities, you will find “REAL AMERICA” more deeply than regular program, and your way of thinking or perspective will also surely be wider.

In Extension, you have a big presentation in front of many native English speakers. You have to prepare so much for it. Although so many difficulties which you cannot expect now are waiting for you but it will be a very important process in the future, and once it is finish, you will gain a lot of confidence. It’s all true, because I DID IT, and everyone DID IT!! I actually was not good at speaking even in front of not so many people, but during the presentation I could have so much confidence. It’s because, classes or activities during Extension program gave me a lot of abilities to behave so.

What do you expect for Extension? Do you want to learn more? Do you want to feel the sense of achievement? Maybe, for most of you who wonder whether to come back here as Extension students or not, money is one of the big problem. I also wondered about it. However, please think deeply, the period of student is limited. What you will gain during student will definitely help you to go on in the future. To tell the truth, it’s almost impossible to be a fluent speaker, but it doesn’t matter. The most important thing you learn in this program is your soul, passion, and curiosity to many things. I’m sure that you will find some keys to open next door for your future.